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Fees & Costs

Our fees are as follows:


We use Tyros Eftpos with Medicare Easyclaim function integrated. This means you will be able to get your medicare rebate back into your bank account after the fee for consultation has been paid.

Swee Chin is registered as a KNOWN GAP provider with numerous health funds in Australia. This means the maximum out of pocket cost for any operation is capped at 500 dollars as per healthfund rules. This amount will be discussed with you as part of informed financial consent before any procedure.

Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy procedures each have an outpocket excess of 200 dollars.

All out of pocket costs are paid by EFTPOS after the intended procedure.

There are NO booking fees & NO administrative fees

Please note that the above only covers surgeon fees. Anesthethist and hospital fees are  separate and you will have to discuss out of pocket costs involved with them.



For new referrals : A referral from your general practitioner that has not expired must be provided before your scheduled appointment 

Please ensure your health fund is at the appropriate level of cover for hospital and surgical procedures as some health funds' basic tier does not cover for gastrointestinal procedures. This would entail significant out of pocket cost if you decide to proceed.

Areas of Expertise
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